From Simple Static Websites to Internet Marketing Machines

"The buyer journey has been fundamentally changed by the Internet. Today, 60 to 70 percent of the buyer's journey is completed before a sales person is ever contacted. That means that buyers have already researched their problem, potential solutions, and investigated the viability of those solutions." ...Christine Crandell -

How are your potential customers finding you?

The above quote is from an article entitled, "Customers Don't Read the Yellowpages Anymore." And if that is the case, and you don't have a website telling customers how to reach you, then chances are they never will. Considering the above quote it would be feasible to say 60 to 70 percent of you reading this page are researching website options.

If you are thinking about developing your first website or taking your existing website to the next level, Craig Technology can help you reach your goals. There are many reasons for displaying a business on a website. Understanding what you really want to accomplish makes all the difference when planning and designing your site for the functionality you need.

Craig Technology can provide everything from concept and layout, to hosting and Search Engine Optimization(SEO).

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Am I familiar with the web enough to know what I have available to me?
  • Am I presenting my business as I want to present it?
  • Is my website selling my products and/or services for me?
  • Do I want to better inform my market of what we do or offer?
  • Can I capture the contact data of potential customers?
  • Can I use that data for low-cost or no-cost marketing campaigns?
  • Is my website among the top-ranked on Google, MSN and Yahoo in my area or market?

You should be able to answer the above questions with a, "YES!" If you are not getting the results from your website that you need, then CONTACT US today to discuss your specific issues.