Networking Provides Increased Speed of Information Sharing and Accessibility

First, let's define a couple of terms to provide a better understanding of networking.

  • LAN - Local Area Network: A computer network that connects computers in a limited area such as your home, your office, or a computer lab.
  • WAN - Wide Area Network: A computer network that connects computers over a large geographic area (i.e. Across town, across the state, around the world). It uses private or public network transports such as the Internet.
  • VPN - Virtual Private Network: A private computer network extended across and utilizing a public network for connectivity. A VPN creates a tunnel through a public network to connect computers as if they were on a LAN.

There are many reasons a business would want or need to deploy a telecommunications network. Some of those are, but not limited to:

  • File sharing between users
  • Database software for multiple users (Quickbooks or other accounting software, Customer Management Software, etc.)
  • Remote Desktop Access (both within your Local Area Network, or from a location outside your LAN.

Regardless of your networking needs, Craig Technology Consulting can provide your small business with the tools required to increase productivity, simplify information sharing, and provide access to documents and data from multiple locations. Contact us today for a network solution that improves your business processes and performance.