Custom Systems to Achieve More with Less

How valuable is your time? How about employee time on the clock? If you could gain an extra hour or more each day, would that effect your bottom dollar? Of course it would. Let's consider the following scenario.

  1. Each computer user makes 50 requests per day from their computer (data input, look-ups, etc.).
  2. Each request takes 30 seconds to process.
  3. That's 25 minutes each day, so lets round it to 30 minutes or half an hour.
  4. That's 2.5 hours a week or 130 hours a year spent waiting on your computers, software systems or slow network.
  5. If the employee makes $8.00 an hour, that's $1,040.00 per year spent on ... nothing, PER EMPLOYEE.

The above estimates are very conservative. If you actually sat down and crunched the numbers, it could be 2 or 3 times that amount or more.

You Can Only Move as Fast as Your Slowest Component

Each component of your data system is critical when trying to accomplish a higher level of productivity in a given period of time. Consider the following components in a typical data system:

  1. Computer workstation
  2. Internal Network (modem, router, cables, switches)
  3. Software
  4. Computer user
  5. Internet Speed (if using web-based applications)

You can have the fastest computers available at the time of purchase, and still not gain the desired increase in productivity you are seeking. But do you really know what you have, and what is available to you? Most small business owners would answer with a resounding, "NO!"

Obtaining Your Desired Results

With a single phone call you can have your very own I.T. Department. OUR business is ensuring that YOUR business is successful in utilizing the technology available to you. Don't fight your data systems. Contact us today and start capitalizing on the conveniences of modern technology. We specialize in implementing solutions that pay for themselves. You can achieve a measurable Return on Investment. Let us help you achieve more with less.